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Westgate: 'Just Right'

Westgate Circle is home to some of our city's most satisfied residents. Here, cradled within the birthplace of modern day America, surrounded by lovely landscaped greenery, are 108 individual condominium units. Not too many, but not too few either. For the folks who call this place home, everything about Westgate feels just right.

Westgate at Williamsburg was built in two separate phases. Phase I, built in 1999, consists of everthing on the eastern half of the complex, including the beautiful gazebo area. Phase II, everything to the west of the gazebo, was built just two years later, in 2001. Here, our homeowners and residents enjoy the community gazebo, perhaps after a refreshing dip in theĀ  pool.

Diversity is more than a buzzword in Westgate. Our people come from all walks of life, professionally, ethnically, and culturally. Blue collar, white collar, empty-nesters, and those with nests that are anything but empy, we host families of all kinds. Young children call Westgate home, as do others who have chosen to spend their golden years with us. If you're looking for America, that dream place which serves as a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and people, then Westgate at Williamsburg might be "just right" for you too.