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Basic Information for Owners and Residents

The following is essential information for owners and residents of Westgate at Williamsburg. We will make every attempt to keep this section updated on a timely basis.

Garbage Pickup

Garbage containers are picked up every Monday. Rolling containers must be brought to the peninsula that's closest to the front of your building. Containers may be placed at the curb anytime after 8pm Sunday, the night before pickup and must be returned to your unit no later than 8pm Monday, the night of pickup.

Note: All garbage should be placed in plastic garbage bags.


Recycling containers are picked up every other Wednesday. Rolling containers must be brought to the curb in front of your buildng. Your neighbors would appreciate if you could collect the empty container ASAP.

Information Regarding Outdoor Overflow Drains

Overflow drains for both your water heater drain pan (located in attic) and the Heating/Cooling Air Handling Unit (also in your attic) are located to either (or both) sides of your sunroom doors on the outside of each unit. For more information, including what to look for if you see water dripping from these drains, can be found by retrieving the "Outside Drains" document from the Documents section of this website. Note that not all units have identical configurations, but this document serves as a pretty good reference point.

Maintenance Requests

Maintenance requests can easily be submitted to our property management company by filling out the Maintenance Request form on this website. The form can be accessed from the main menu. [NOTE: You must be logged into your account to leave a maintenance request.]