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We Need Volunteers to Join Neighborhood Watch

Thank you to those residents who took the time to attend the informative meeting on June 9th where we learned more about the Neighborhood Watch program and what we can do to make it a success here at Westgate. Towards that end, we encourage our friends and neighbors here in Westgate to download the Neighborhood Watch sign up form from this website, fill it out, and return it directly to the Williamsburg Police Department.

Download the Neighborhood Watch Sign Up Sheet Today

We are going to be active in asking people to join the program. For Neighborhood Watch to be a success it requires everyone to be a little more vigilant, to pay attention to things that might not "look right," and to simply take a moment to notify someone when you spot such things. You live here... you ARE Westgate... and you know in your bones what's normal and what's not. Now we are asking you to do your part to help keep Westgate the safe, relaxing, enjoyable community that we're all happy to be able to call "home."

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