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Questions & Answers

If you have a question about Westgate, there’s a good chance you may find the answer here. If not, then use our Contact Form to submit a question. If we see that your question is asked by others, we’ll add it to this list. Thank you for helping us make Westgate at Williamsburg the best place to live in the city!

Where is management's office located?
Berkeley Realty Property Management
150 Strawberry Plains, Suite A-1
Williamsburg, VA 23188
What is management's telephone, fax number, and website?
(757)229-6810 Telephone
(757)229-8208 Fax
How do I pay my assessment?
Please see the SmartStreet overview on the website for the complete list of options. You can mail your payment to the address below. Be sure to include your account number and address:
Westgate at Williamsburg Condominium Association, Inc.
P.O. Bx. 105007
Atlanta, GA 30348-5007
I am preparing to sell my home, how do I order a disclosure package?
I would like to make a modification to my unit or the landscaping adjacent to my unit, what do I need to do?
All modifications to the unit and the landscaping need to approved in advance by the Board of Directors. Please contact the manager at the association office for assistance.
I'm moving in/out of Westgate. Is there anything that I should be aware of with regard to the movers?
The rules state that moving can only be done between 9am and 9pm. Also, please keep in mind that parking space is at a premium here at Westgate. As such, you might inform your mover of that fact and suggest they use a smaller truck if at all possible.
Water line and sewer line problems can be expensive to fix. What can be done about this?
Dominion Energy Solutions, an affiliate of Dominion Virginia Power, offers affordable home protection programs to help mitigate the cost(s) of repairs for exactly these types of problems. You can learn about these plans by visiting their website at: