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Rules & Regs Monthly Spotlight

The pet guidelines can be found on page 11 and 12 of the Rules and Regulations for our neighborhood. An excerpt is below:

The number of ordinary domestic pets, excluding caged animals and birds and those maintained in an aquarium or terrarium, shall not exceed two (2). The weight limit for any individual pet shall not exceed fifty (50) pounds unless approved by the Board of Directors.

All pets must be registered with the City of Williamsburg and inoculated as required by law. All pets must have and display, as appropriate, evidence of all required registrations and inoculations.

All pets must be registered with the Association within seven (7) days of occupying any portion of the Condominium, using a form available from the Association.

Cats shall not be left unattended outside the Unit.

Please review the Pet Rules and Regulations and call the management company at 757.229.6810 if you have questions or concerns.