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Rules & Regs Monthly Spotlight

Should you decide to sell your home or decide to put in a security system or pet safety decal, please review the rule in regard to signs below:

33. Signs - No sign, notice, or advertisement shall be posted, erected, or displayed upon the Common Elements or shall be visible from any Unit, except for the following:

a. One "For Sale" or "For Rent" real estate or broker sign advertising a Unit for sale may be displayed from the interior of a window of the Unit for the period the Unit is for sale or rent. The sign must not exceed 4 sq. ft. in size and must be removed within fourteen (14) days from the date of the closing of the sale.

b. Signs or notices required by law to be posted during construction or repair work within a Unit.

c. Discreet security system notices, a decal or health alert notices are permitted.

With spring, many residents have questions about the use of grills. In addition to the requirements of the City of Williamsburg, the Association prohibits the use of charcoal grills.

16. Grills- Charcoal grills are prohibited at individual units. Existing grills as of July 15, 2004 are grandfathered and must be ten (10) feet from the buildings.